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Queen Annes Lace, Cow parsley or otherwise known as Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing - needs a little support in spring and to be cut back in autumn, it's biennial so may choose something else

Great for full sun zone 6a container garden: In west Texas it's called Purple Sage; also known as: Texas Ranger Plant and in Arizona it is commonly called Purple Texas Sage.

Five {5 Minute} Tiny Gardens You Can Make in a Crate, Pot or Terrarium

Have five minutes? You can create a cute little container garden! Check out these adorable ideas for tiny gardens you can make in a crate, pot or terrarium!

The Graceful Gardener's Containers. Ingredients: Tassel Fern, Tuberous Begonia ‘Solenia Dusty Rose’, Creeping Jenny. Light Requirement: Partial Shade. The Graceful Gardener.