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1945 - The Liner, the "Queen Elizabeth," bringing American troops into NY Harbor at the end of WW II.

Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt Fishing at Camp David - 1943

This is why Jennifer Lawrence deserves all the awards.

Animal Rescue Center for Disabled Dogs Annual Walk

look at his face. Do you think he wants GOD banished from America? Do you think he wants to continue the downward spiral of our nation? What happened to belief in CHRIST, integrity, and morals? GOD bless him.

Chiune Sugihara. This man saved 6,000 Jews. He was a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania. When the Nazis began rounding up Jews, Sugihara risked his life by issuing unlawful travel visas to Jews. He hand-wrote them 18 hours a day. The day his consulate closed and he had to evacuate, witnesses claim he was STILL writing visas and throwing from the train as he pulled away. He saved 6000 lives. The world did not know what he had done until Israel honored him in 1985, the year before he died.