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Game of Thrones is secretly all about climate change. White Walker army of the dead sure to wipe out humankind = Climate change Lannisters, Starks (RIP), Baratheons, Boltons, Martells = Government officials/climate change skeptics The Men of the Nights Watch = Climate change scientists who have to sit on the sidelines The Wildlings = The general population who suffer from the government's inability to act

The One Picture That Perfectly Sums Up World Action On Climate Change

Climate change is corroding our values, says Naomi Klein

The need for fossil fuels is destroying regions and communities, causing war and famine in the process, argues the activist and author Naomi Klein. She urges people to make the links between climate change and conflict. “Anti-austerity people rarely talk about climate change. And climate change people rarely talk about war. Overcoming these disconnections is the most pressing task for anyone occupied with social justice.

Haunting Exhibition Illustrates Mongolia’s Disappearing Landscape (PHOTOS)

Stunning Exhibition Captures the Lifestyle that Mongolian Nomads Lost to Climate Change (PHOTOS)