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Seriously, you want to trample (at least virtually) over everyone else to get your copy of this. It uses a resource that has never before been seen to drive #targeted #traffic.

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates now repeating the same urgent warnings for humanity first issued by the Independent Media years ago

Apple's new 'wireless' headphones emit radiation ... right next to your brain---and brain cancer has now overtaken heart disease as the number 1 cause of death.

...If you can name the members of the Kardashian family, but can't even name one of these guys, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Check out, "Players: The Who's Who in the New World Order of the Illuminati Explained",

Here's a question for anyone who reads a lot of "conspiracy theories". What if, all these "warnings" about Islam and ISIS, their supposed connections to Obama , even all those "photos" of the "abominable" practices of some Muslims, ARE the false flags to get you so riled up that you demand war against them and YOUR children will die so a few can get rich

The men behind our poisoned skies..... They are standing in a plane loaded with canisters of the heavy metal poisons that they spray... Chemtrails and Tinnitus - Chemtrails Spraying and Tinnitus - Tinnitus Chemtrail Information - Stop Chemtrail Spraying in California!

Finally Exposed: The 13 Families That Are Secretly Ruling The World: Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) Bruce Cavendish (Kennedy) De Medici Hanover Hapsburg Krupp Plantagenet Rockefeller Romanov Sinclair (St. Clair) Warburg (del Banco) Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)