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Ada Lovelace chica tecno Quién es la chica cuyo rostro aparece en los certificados de autenticidad de Windows? Es la hija de Lord Byron? La primera programadora de computación? La amante del creador del caleidoscopio? Es la mujer que creó el primer lenguaje de programación y en cuyo honor se bautizó otro basado en Pascal? Estamos hablando de Lady Lovelace? La mujer en cuyo honor se celebró el 24 de marzo elAda Lovelace Daycon el objetivo de bloggear en favor de las mujeres y la tecnología?…

A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman

A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman. For all the ladies that work in the IT world.

Comment l’informatique s’est masculinisée le jour où elle devenue prestigieuse

Ada Lovelace Day: Women Tech Accomplishments [Infographic]

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, and it’s an opportunity to raise the awareness of the contribution that extraordinary women have brought to science,....

1838 Ada Lovelace, enlarged (Science Museum, London/Science and Society Picture Library) | Grand Ladies | gogm

Mary Shelley letters discovered in Essex archive

Mary Shelley letters discovered in Essex archive Professor finds cache of previously unpublished letters by author of Frankenstein, written between 1831 and 1849. Mary Shelley's seal – previously unknown – on one of the letters. Photograph: Keith Crook

If You Have Ever Used a Computer, You Should Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day

This article originally appeared in The Last Word on Nothing. Tagline: “Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing”—Victor Hugo. I’m not, in general, huge on holidays. I often wish that those of us in the United States would observe the weeks between Halloween and Martin Luther King Jr.,...

How Ada Lovelace Shaped Computing

Ada Byron, later known as Ada Lovelace, helped explain and analyze the potential for one of the great inventions of her day, Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine.

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