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Relationships last longer when you don't tell people about your personal problems. Remember - of people don't care and the other are glad you have them"

he drives me nuts but i still love him

Yep and I'm so lucky how unconditionally my hubby loves me and how he tells me all the time how important I am to him! It's all about the little things Love him to the moon and back

or...willing to keep their committment to be together even during those periods of time they don't "feel" like they want to be!

One stigma that many of us have to learn to overcome when we deal with the relationships in our lives is that good relationships don’t just happen. Good relationships take a lot of time and effort,.

Listen to me when I say this you can continue to call me a fat nasty pig  or a whore but that will only make you look bad not me. Rumors are the lies of bitter hateful people

What I Heard About You funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor gossip This is hilarious!

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I don't care who was before me as long as I know there's nodody during me.

That is why we don't talk about the hell his ex put put us through when we went on vacation and all that

Pinky promises should never be broken

I have 5 fingers for a reason. - I have 5 fingers for a reason…unknown