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The only way to travel by air is with carry on luggage that fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. | Travel tips (via thetravellingmom.ca)

Airline industry group initiative hits a wall of opposition from consumers, and some lawmakers.

In the chaos of an airline crash, even the savviest travelers often succumb to their worst inclination, putting their own and others' lives at…

How NOT to Survive an Airline Crash

I’ve noticed a worrying trend among airline passengers lately. After an emergency landing, when flyers must evacuate out of a plane, videos emerge in the news of people fleeing the plane while carrying their luggage.

Thule Subterra Luggage 22" Review: Want the option for a checked bag, a carry-on, and a small personal item but don't want to buy three separate suitcases?

Thule Subterra Luggage 22" Review: A Suitcase That Does Triple Duty

Thule’s Subterra Luggage can be a large checked bag, or two separate carry-ons.


Save on Baggage Fees by Slapping an Ad on Your Suitcase

When it comes to saving money, budget travelers are known to go to extremes. Maybe that's why Orion Travel Technology has devised a pretty extreme way to

Should you rely on manufacturers’ measurements on their carry-on luggage size? Consumer Reports’ luggage-measuring tests reveal the answer.

When Carry-On Luggage Isn’t Carry-On Size

There are plenty of things to think about when buying luggage. But Consumer Reports says two factors are especially important.



Hacker Easily Cracks TSA-Approved Luggage Locks | Money Talks News

TSA says the purpose of the locks was to provide peace of mind for travelers, but even that function is now in question.

Best Carry-On Luggage: 11 Affordable Bags Under $150 - SmarterTravel

Best Carry-On Luggage: 11 Affordable Bags Under $150

Best Carry-On Luggage: 11 Affordable Bags Under $150 - SmarterTravel

From using a bar of soap to fix a stuck zipper to repurposing a hotel-room standard as a security device, hone your road-warrior survival skills with these easy tips.