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Rosie the Riveter, Amazing to me, all the Women went to the factories, did a man's job all day, went home & took care of the house & Kids. Then after the War. Went home for good. And were supposed to forget it ever happened. We had to fight for woman's rights all over again in the 70's, & 80's. We still don't get some jobs or equal pay. Crazy

<3=<3 some of this description makes me think about what I saw in my parents, fortunate to have parents being their true selves not concerned about appearance of family etc instead what works best, what is enjoyed by who and necessary to take care of their children.

Eccentric Habits That Can Expand Your View of Life & Opportunities etc.. Copy & Paste following link for full article <3=<3 16 of 40

For real...I love them & always will but I can't let them hurt the people I love any just doesn't make any sense as to why they are so heartless to there own blood...I guess I'll never understand & that's ok

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true story - so when I wouldn't play your games you had to make drama behind my back. you reverted to type...ha!