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Two Osaka Maiko with Toy Dogs 1920s. Over-exposed and slightly out of focus, but still a delightful postcard from around the 1920s or 30s.

Playing the Taiko and the Kotsuzumi 1910s. A very young, Maiko Tomigiku playing the Taiko (large drum), with a more senior Maiko Manryu playing the Kotsuzumi (small drum kept at the right shoulder). This postcard must date to 1912 or earlier, as Manryu was a Geiko (Geisha) by 1913.

Maiko Yachiyo II of Osaka, dressed for the Ashibe Odori, 1910s || Ashibe Odori is the public dances of the Nanchi Gokagai (Southern five geisha districts), which were first performed in November 1888.

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