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Trust-I know with Unquestionable Certainty, whatevery a thing does it is working in my favor, so it works in my favor.

Top of the morning to you great people. The AVERAGE PERSON you meet is existing outside of their integrity. This means what comes out of their mouths and what they do doesn't match. The question is, are you the AVERAGE PERSON or are you that EXTRAORDINARY PERSON whose words and actions match? HUMAN PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST, BERWICK “MAHDI” DAVENPORT

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Honor every word you giveGod, The Source created us to be unique for a reason. Of course, there is always room for polishing and refining our self-expression, but there is never room for changing who we are to please or satisfy other people. Your unique self-expression is an important part of your integrity. It's one of those spokes in your will so to speak. Any attempt to alter who you are deactivates your integrity and you become almost totally ineffective. Berwick Davenport.