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Mutsugoto is an intimate communication device intended for a bedroom environment. Instead of exchanging e-mail or SMS messages using generic interfaces in business-like venues, Mutsugoto allows distant partners to communicate through the language of touch as expressed on the canvas of the human body. A custom computer vision and projection system allows users to draw on each other's bodies while lying in bed. Drawings are transmitted "live" between the two beds, enabling a different kind of…

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Graphic Design Sketchbook Ideas – 22 Inspirational Examples

great design sketchbook experimentation, completed by Susanna Foppoli, while studying at the London College of Communication

The book: Arthur's TV Trouble to introduce the concept of media literacy. The book is perfect for showing students how media creates a particular message, spin, tools of persuasion, and how to evaluate messages based on our own experiences. Meets Social Studies IRP: Describe ways student us technologies

Soliloquy No. 17 by Robin Luciano Beaty (encaustic and mixed-media on braced birch)

Illustration Archive by Jessie Holmes, via Behance. The use of different textures.

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Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

so I was able to work with different materials, collage, and on a fairly large scale. Without the diversity they inspired in my work I doubt...

Instagram in the classroom without any regard for students' right to privacy AT ALL

Instagram in the classroom without any regard for students' right to privacy AT ALL

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Bits of art found around the interweb (33 photos)

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