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Transgender no longer to be classified as mental disorder

from Business Insider

Here are all the major newspapers that have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president

Dallas Voice: "We still have battles to fight in the name of equality, from employment nondiscrimination to transgender rights. Hillary was a co-sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and she celebrates diversity. We stand with Hillary."

Gender 101. All of the basics about gender, gender variance, and trans* people that many are afraid to ask. - Trans Student Equality Resources

What Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Others Can Teach Us About Being Transgender in America - Feather Magazine

Discrimination is when someone or a group is treated or considered differently to someone else because of their race, culture, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion. By Stella Kalaidzi (2.5)

Even if I don't agree with someone, it gives me no right to take away their personal freedoms. I don't have to understand them, I just have to let them live their life while I live mine. I'm for rights for all people, not just the ones I like.

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People often ask which pronouns I prefer, and it makes me so sincerely happy that they bother to ask at all! The only trouble is that I don't have a preferred pronoun. When I tell people this, there's always this pause in conversation, like they're digesting this new information. I realize that I am making it a little more difficult for them, who are simply trying to be polite and accommodating, but I don't think I could answer any other way.