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Heraldry And Vexillology,Jigsaw Puzzle

Heraldry Cheat Sheet v.0.13 by DennisBusch shield guide painting resource tool how to tutorial instructions | Create your own roleplaying game material w/ RPG Bard: | Writing inspiration for Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu Lord of the Rings LoTR + d20 fantasy science fiction scifi horror design | Not Trusty Sword art: click artwork for source

The current flag was designed by Bob Heft, a former student at the school I teach at, Lancaster HS (Ohio). It was a class project that earned him a B- but after his flag was approved by Congress, his History grade was changed to an A.

Coat of arms types. Explore the meanings of heraldry symbols at

American Flags

American Flags

American Flags: A survey of star-spangled banners flown throughout American history, this patriotic print tracks the evolution of the stars and stripes...

Nordic Flags: interesting to see Orkney and Shetland Islands in there, reflective of their viking history