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tried drawing my old style again but I don’t think I got it right I really enjoyed drawing this tho

Top row Left to right: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen Middle row left to right:Morgana, Gaius, Sir leon, King uther Bottom row Left to right:Sir Gwaine, Sir Percival, Sir lancelot, Sir Elyan

Hahahaha Ed! Looking incredibly guilty in the second one! This is what I would do if I had a poster of my best friend just like draw ALL over it!

i made a glameow to swap w/ my chingling in pokehost i'm pretty fond of this design so far...... AA JUST KIDDING- i'm actually applying her to Poke-Village !! h*ck !!

This is me in art class!! The only reason I even took art was cause I want to learn how to be a proper fangirl and provide my share of fan art the the fandom lol