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The Tulip Trio by wilwilgao123 #nature

Perseids 2015 This years Meteor Shower didn't disappoint. Sadly my lens misted up after only 45 min and most of the "big ones" where ruined. I could only use around 20 shots which I stacked to this image. Lesson learned next time I know what I have to do better. Upper left is facing North. You can see a lot of light pollution and some greenish air glow a bit to the left of the center the Andromeda Galaxy. book I twitter I vimeo I website I flickr

Its O so .................. It was a foggy morning in Holland

Kamui cape at Shakotan (Hokkaido)

Falling Through The Cracks A term used when something that should have been done (mostly in business transactions) had been neglected and when questioned the answer often is "It must have fallen through the cracks.. Best viewed on black background and enlarged...