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Sir Bubblelot de Bathroom - prides himself on being super-squeaky-clean. In fact, he squeaks whenever he moves. His armour shines brilliantly, his blonde hair glistens and whenever he smiles, his whiter-than-white teeth sparkle in the sun, blinding anyone looking his way. He rides his noble steed, Giddy-up the goat, in a constant quest to clean up the kingdom. He sees dragons as incredibly messy creatures (All that smoke a soot!) and thinks they should be cleaned up for good.

Burgerdoodles Colour-in Wallpaper by Burgerplex

Removable, color-able wallpaper?! How fun would this be for a kid's room? Go ahead, let them draw on the walls.

Ririk Redbeard - Big bearded, big-hearted and generally big all over, Rurik Redbeard rules the Crotchety Clan of Vikings. Famous throughout the land for his sword skills and breakfast eating ability, Rurik spends most of his day trying to keep his son Knut in one piece.

Princess Penny - The hero of our story. A redheaded, rambunctious princess, she’s a tomboy who loves mess and disorder. She refuses to wear matching socks, or matching anything, she likes to combine a blue super-hero cape, with a pink tutu, and wellies and odd stockings, as she knows she’ll have far more fun dressed like this than she would in a boring old dress. She’s a particular friend of Doris the Dragon and goes to visit her often.

Doris the Wall Dragon - Doris lives in a cave in the furthest corner of Roomania, minding her own business and knitting odd socks (she doesn’t approve of matching socks). A sweet, gentle old dragon, she’s full of good advice. Such as, “Don’t live in a wooden house if you can breath fire,” and “Never eat your knitting needles.” She does not like the idea of being tidied up by Sir Bubblelot.

“We are on our way to the legendary land of draweria! Sock Monsters are on a quest of, well, socks.”

Billy Sweet Monster de Tougui

My Billy Sweet Monster! | Designer: Guillaume Pain (aka TOUGUI) -

Princess Posy - Her favorite thing to do is to find a mirror and gaze at herself. She collects pretty things such as ribbons, bows and flowers to adorn her dresses, but has collected so many of them now, her skirt looks like a great haystacks of frills, ribbons and bunting which makes it quite impossible for her to walk, so unfortunately she tends to miss out on most of the adventures.