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Jack designing anything and everything to keep thein and the out. Why pay for a thermal screen cover when this creative soul can do a better job for near to nothing #VanLife by camper_travels

Energy-efficient Tiny Drop is 150 sq. ft. hybrid of teardrop trailer & tiny home

This 150 sq ft Teardrop Trailer is cuter than a bug! It has an ultra energy-efficient structure, with home sealing tech, continuous thermal blanket, ventilated rain screen, and sun barrier. | Tiny Homes

he floor is almost 10″ of darkcrushed stone to collect and later release heat- tromb barrels (two black, 55 gallon drums of thermal mass (water)) will later be added.

Considering for our southern wall - rammed earth externally clad in recycled timber (with a layer of insulation) - for thermal mass with good insulation (that looks good both inside and out).

The E.D.G.E. Interior: The house also features rainwater harvesting, geothermal heating and cooling, air to air heat recovery ventilation, a butterfly roof that minimizes solar gain, triple insulated glass, and a thermal radiant floor heating system.

This Astonishing Fully Transparent Solar Cell Could Turn Every Window And Screen Into A Power Source ►►

The outer layer on the façade of the Loblolly House is a bifold polycarbonate hangar door that doubles as a sunshade when locked in the open position. The translucent polycarbonate has many of the same thermal properties as glass, but it weighs less and keeps out the glare of direct sunlight.

The main disadvantages of a typical rain screen application using furring strips include: 1.) Air flow and moisture is restricted to individual wall cavity chambers created between the furring strips. Cross flow of air between the chambers is not possible. 2.) The furring strips provide thermal bridging to the building envelope. At 16" on center spacing, there is typically upwards of 16% of the building envelope surface area in direct thermal contact with the furring strips.