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Used to think sheet music stuff was so foreign but I could actually read this.. like a new world opened up for me #Piano #ffxpianocollections #besaidisland #sheetmusic #FFX #pianomusic by emoneyboii

With the Nobodies in Organization XIII, if you remove the X in their name and rearrange the letters, that would be their Somebody's name. Now if you did that to Xion's, it would mean no one. :(

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We used to be best buddies, and now we're not, I wish you would tell me whhyyyy... Do you want to kill a Heartless? Come on let's kill a Heartless "Go away, Axel!" OK byyyyeee.... ~Gumi~ @Alexisgirl1129 I had to XD

Generally how i feel about the whole show