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Thanks, @Dering Hall, for including our pretty Chest #2136 in your recent article “Fresh Air Everywhere: 10 Cabins Around the Globe”!

Whenever we encounter a striking patio or porch showcasing La Lune Collection furniture we must share it with the world. Meet the Mountain Air Family Lodge!

Once used for storing the king's robe, armoires are imposing pieces of furniture - and La Lune Collection's armoires are known today for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.

Where in the world did the Deacon's Bench get its name? La Lune Collection takes a look at the Deacon's Bench, along with other beautiful rustic benches.

La Lune Collection is renowned for a wide array of rustic furniture, with signature designs that feature striking displays of free-form natural branches.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Pull Up a (Rustic) Chair Next to the Fire!

"7 Reasons to Love a Rustic Loveseat" - #7 Porchswing #1091 by La Lune Collection

Hot off the virtual presses - new La Blog article is up! (Rustic Armoire #2064 by La Lune Collection)

We love holidays at La Lune - the anticipation, the preparation, the celebration - but admit to having a special fondness for the quirky ones. Enter National Haiku Day on April 17th! We’ve penned our own entries to honor the day: