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This a music video about being smart online. Kids remember stuff really well through music, so this is really good for them. It talks about not giving out personal information. It also talks about being careful and not talking to strangers. It also talks about being nice to others when online and not posting embarrassing things. It is fun, catchy, and exciting. Kids would learn a lot from this song.

Guidance lesson on Cyber Etiquette for Friendships, for Grades 4-6. Teach kids how to communicate using technology in an appropriate manner. NEVER create another guidance lesson again with our aligned K-6 guidance lessons! We've got more GUIDANCE LESSON Plans, all which are aligned for grades K-6! Each lesson plan has a Word doc for each grade level and a PDF that includes all interactive activities and printables.

How do we -- as individuals and as communities -- make decisions when faced with uncertainty, inexperience, lack of knowledge or chaos? LIVE from the NYPL: NASSIM TALEB & DANIEL KAHNEMAN

WebQuest: The Great Sphinx of Ancient Egypt

WebQuest: The Great Sphinx of Ancient Egypt -A Sphinx is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person. This is a web search designed to give students historical background knowledge about the Great Sphinx and its role in Egyptian history. During the internet hunt the students are asked to answer such questions as: How did the sphinx look when first built? What happened to the nose? Who restored it and why?

Stacey's Story - When Rumors Escalate

Stacey's Story - When Rumors Escalate Online comments are misconstrued. A 14 year-old girl is victimized online when a simple post is taken out of context.