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Watermelon Green Tea Recipe -- a great recipe for a unique summer drink plus even more summer recipes linked up for all of your cooking needs!

Easy Thai Tea Recipe | Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe (This stuff is amazing. my friend Brandi made this once and we guzzled it)

Instant pre-packaged hot chocolate is great to make in a pinch when the craving for a warm beverage strikes, but won't necessarily be the best hot chocolate you've ever had. If you constantly crave hot chocolate made with real chocolate but don't have the...

Drink Healthier Beverages ~ Green Tea Mint Pomegranate: 1 Bag Green Tea, 2 Sprigs Mint & 20 Pomegranate Seeds, Crushed. ust place ingredients in a 32-ounce mason jar, and fill with 22 ounces filtered or sparkling water. Stir gently, cover, and refrigerate at least 1 hour (longer for more intense flavor). Store in refrigerator up to 3 days. Drink up!

5 deliciously refreshing homemade slurpees, recipes for healthy fruit slurpees, kool-aid slurpees, ice cream floats and lemonade slurpees #kids #summer

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