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A simulated rotating Bose-Einstein condensate develops vortices, which are “phase singularities” and appear here as points where all colors ...

Bose-Einstein condensate in a can. (Well, not really a can.) 2013-05-16 Physics World blog

This is what happens when you spin Bose-Einstein Condensate rapidly. Bose-Einstein Condensate is a state of matter that's just a few BILLIONths of a degree above absolute zero. Einstein never imagined it would be possible to create this state of matter.

How to watch a Bose–Einstein condensate for a very long time

Decay of a soliton in a Bose-Einstein condensate.(A Bose–Einstein condensate BEC is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero. Wikipedia )