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"I've got boots & she's got wings. I'm hell on wheels & she's heavenly. I'd die for her & she lives for me. I'm not sure why her path crossed mine, accident or grand design, maybe God just kinda likes cowboys & angels!" This is my grandpa and grandma

Country Music Lyrics - Quotes - Songs Duck dynasty - John Luke And Sadie Robertson Share Uncle Si's Words Of Wisdom (HILARIOUS) - Youtube Music Videos http://countryrebel.com/blogs/videos/61835011-john-luke-and-sadie-robertson-share-uncle-sis-words-of-wisdom-hilarious

She’s my kind of rain... Like love in a drunken sky... She’s confetti falling... Down all night... She sits quietly there... Black water in a jar...

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So let your heart, sweetheart be your compass when you're lost and you should follow it wherever it may go | Inspirational Quotes

"Sometimes you gotta try to keep living, put the key in the ignition and start your life over again." Matt Stillwell ~ Ignition

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