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Angora rabbits - highly profitable fiber

Grooming is Key to Angora Rabbit Health: Grooming is a top priority for Angora rabbit health.

Are you getting ready to add fiber rabbits to your backyard farm? Rabbits are the perfect choice for someone who wants to start producing their own fibers.

Adding fiber rabbits to your backyard farm?

and what better way to start doing so than to make your home environmentally friendly.

Angora Rabbit Spinning - I can't get over the cute, just look at that ball of furr! My two little bunnys wouldn't stay still, they're way too active..

Spin Angora Directly from Your Rabbit. Like with the rabbit sitting on you lap.

How much does it cost to raise Angora rabbits?

How much does it cost to raise Angora rabbits?

Satin Angora Rabbits produce a wool that is claimed to be stronger for spinning than other angoras'. However, it is also considered harder to spin because it is more slippery.

Appearance and coat description The Satin Angora is a cross between the Satin and the French Angora. Like other Angora rabbits, it has very soft wool of a silky

Wally is the cutest English Angora rabbit ever. l #wallyandmolly #instagram #star

Meet Wally, an English Angora rabbit and quite possibly the cutest rabbit you’ve ever seen. He’s been growing in popularity on social media once people realized he actually looks more like a puppy than a bunny.