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Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi, didn't know he was redheaded, but one of my favorite actors

Robert Downey Jr. Visited A Children’s Hospital And Awesomeness Ensued

Visited A Children’s Hospital And Awesomeness Ensued <<<<<<< so cute! and so awesome of RDJ. Look how happy the two of them are!

Matthew McConaughey...this is how women know that there is a God!

Celeb news: Matthew McConaughey married

Matthew David McConaughey is an American actor. He first gained notice for his breakout role in the coming of age comedy Dazed and Confused.

Thank You Robin Williams... We ain't never had a friend like you!!!!!!

Williams, thank you for a childhood filled with laughter and wonderful characters. You were my favorite actor 😭

My two fav actors in my fav movies of all time The Godfather Part II-Deniro & Pacino

Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro (Godfather II) I love this picture My all time favorite actors.

esionille:      Morgan Freeman was hailed as “a prince in his profession” by Sidney Poitier.

Morgan have you read about how racial profiling added with reasonable suspicion have been a mixture that put more black people in jail. There is no way for a poor innocent black man to get out of this web.

Will Smith will ALWAYS be sexy! And there will NEVER be a sitcom show as good as "Fresh Prince".....NEVER! :(

Afternoon eye candy: Will Smith (30 photos)

Will Smith. God I love this man! He's funny, good looking, talented and such a good role model for children! I love pretty much every film he's in but I think my favourites are Bad boys and Men in Black