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#Meangirls @DisneyAnimation *Raises hand* I love Frozen as much as the next girl. Don't get me wrong, but all people are thinking about is the benefits of girl-power movies. But what do you think you're teaching the boys? These movies teach them to treat girls how they would another guy and that is NOT how you treat girls. Us girls are special. But that is not how we are treated! Chivalry may not be dead but we're killing it!

Boys, we have rules on how to treat us. Treat us well, you might get a prize

Check out this whisper!

Seriously tho. Like I don't really agree with Sharon and Steve ship, (but it's cute)but by herself and also Laura, those two are badass. Like, having Hawkeye as a husband has him going out to save the world on multiple occasions. While also have two kids, and being pregnant with another. And having Peggy as your Aunt has you living up to certain expectations.


12 Flawless Ways To Reject Someone You Don't Like

Haha totally could have used this when some ghetto girl thought I was Darius & wouldn't stop texting.

Please stay strong lovelies! I <3 every single one of you! You guys can vent me any time, i know it's hard..

Lmao literally word for word how I typically "apologize" to my bro

...but because you are [through the grace of God working in you]. I need this reminder way too often...

with love and respect ... my mom always told me to find a guy like this. and if they don't, leave.

I should of known it was a love game this whole time I don't even know why I even trusted you with my heart your nothing but a player and I hope that one day you will learn your lesson and get played by a girl then you'll know how it feels to get rejected