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sometime i wish someone would just come here and save me, save me from my self. #angel #demon #wings #snake #love

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Root Beer Glazed Drumsticks

Root Beer Glazed Drumsticks....My mouth is watering, just thinking about making these.

Triceps and Biceps : my custom printable workout by @WorkoutLabs #workoutlabs #customworkout

✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐Muramasa AspectWrite about a character who happens to be a teenager. The catch? This character has a guardian spirit who follows them around, and may at times offer assistance. Double catch? Unfortunately this ‘guardian’ is a very powerful, angry, and over-protective dark spirit.Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can…

10 Exercises that Target the Triceps arms workout

10 Exercises that Target the Triceps arms workout

Halloween STEM Challenges: Looking for ways to keep your students engaged in learning before and after Halloween? These challenges require hands-on problem-solving, critical thinking, and cooperative work. Modifications available for grades 2 - 8. (Wings Wanted, Creature Catcher, Treat Toss, Bone Bridge, and Ghosts in the Graveyard)

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Dantes Wings Gifs n Things

Dantes Wings Gifs n Things - Gallery

A terrific fuck-ton of basic winged human references. To see the text on the longer images, you gotta reverse-image search ‘em. [From various sources]