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Scizor - 8 x 10" print (pokemon drawing, art, bug, steel, artwork, gaming, nintendo, decor)

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They forgot steel lmao excuse you Steel: Ice, Rock, Fairy Also that's great and all, but steel types are a great defensive type with tons of resistances. Fire, Fighting, and ground are the only moves super effective against it. Also it's immune to poison so stall tactics with toxic ardent going to work. Spikes is the only entry hazard that's all that effective against it, and it's rarely used compared to the other two. Conclusion: get a steel type

Day 349 - Registeel | レジスチル and its Armada Master of Steel-type Pokémon, Registeel is the ironclad colossus guarding the secrets to its master, Regigigas. It is robotic in its movement, despite being...