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The snobs crockpot. Looks cool, I want one! SousVide Water oven

Get paid for enjoying the outdoors! And possibly go white water rafting! Reily Center Outdoor Recreation is looking to hire student trip leaders! Application Deadline: Thursday, April 18, 2013 Trip Leader Interview Dates: Tuesday, April 23 & Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Link to application:

DIY how to build.. important items I might need to know...complete bio-filter...Wow! So our cities could do this instead of using chemicals and dumping waste in our water treatment plants?? Seriously? Wise up people! You have to drink the water too! Can't live without water. Stop poisoning it!

u.... @McKenzie Barham --- how is it that now YOU"re writing a mermaid story, I'm finding this wealth of mermaidish photos without even trying?!?

If you can't live without meat, just try going without it for one or two days out of the week!

VIDEO: Clean Water and a New School Bring Hope to Masai Children Like Nairiamu Every day, 6-year-old Nairiamu walks 14 miles round trip just to get water for her family. It takes so long, she can't go to school. Her mother wants her to get an education, but they can't live without water. See how Operation Blessing partners made it possible for Nairiamu to have both.

My name is Crystal and I'm addicted to Perrier.

I can't go a day without Jesus ~~I Love Jesus Christ

Oh gods this is the third thing that has made me cry today. Why can't people stop writing These! Their good but so freaking Sad!