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I graduated last May with an accounting degree and moved to the city. But four months had passed and I didnt have a job yet. Id probably sent out my resume to thirty different places. And I couldnt afford to keep waiting for people to call me back. So I went to the strip with all the car dealerships and started going door-to-door to see if they had any openings in accounting. Ive always loved cars. I used to always read Consumer Reports with my dad. So I thought it would be a good fit. The…

I was a bit of a loner before I had her. I wasnt a social person. I stayed away from people because I thought that everybody had a plot or a scheme. But shes taught me how innocent people are when they start out. I mean sometimes shell butter me up because she wants candy or a cookie. But then other times shell just hug me for no reason. by humansofny

My dad doesn't like to brand his spoons or anything he makes for that matter so I brand each one before it goes out. I use tiny stamps made for marking leather or wood that are intended to be used with a hammer to make their marks but I heat them up with a blow torch to burn tiny black letters. I don't know what it is exactly but there's something satisfying about the process and I like that each piece ends up with its own character. by nikoleherriott on Instagram

Tonight as we drove home from Costco I realized we don't have a ton of nice things or live in some roach-free home but I couldn't be happier with our lives and where we are. I legitimately think I might be one of the happiest people I know. And it's greatly because of the man I married and how hard he works to make our lives so wonderful. Tonight I'm grateful and very in looove by roxface

tarahurstdesign on Instagram: The symmetry of this city is so satisfying. Framing a photo without a crowd of people in it is another story. Finding the quiet in Paris.

winter light and @cuyana's baby alpaca cape to start off the holidays #fewerbettergifts #hinthint by llewllewtoo on Instagram

stellamariabaer on Instagram: from our road trip across the southwest a couple weeks ago. for some reason I keep going back to all the same places

Because of you life is never dull. Thanks for motivating me to sacrifice comfort for a grand adventure. Send a message to someone you love via our #NisoloNotAlone portal and give them $25 towards Nisolo and you get $25 too. [link in profile] by nisoloshoes on Instagram

maryellenskye on Instagram: The king of photo bombing over here! #thermanthedog - wants you to not forget to enter my @nisoloshoes giveaway there are just a few days lefts!! & let me tell ya these are the perfect spring time shoe! #inmynisolos