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SkyFarms is about bringing you closer to the access, support and incentive you need to grow, buy and sell, fresh, local food. The concept is rooted in moving our society to a more self-reliant sustainable system. And it starts with YOU. We all can take small steps toward planting seeds that ensure we can supply a growing world population, support local economy, sustain healthy lives, reduce hunger, decease fossil fuel energy dependence, conserve resources and minimize pollution and waste.

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How to improve your soil without a compost heap with eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana peels

This passage way made with the same shipping pallets could be perceived as a dual natured pallet wood creation. This is a decorative measure, and also a protective measure as well as it would prevent us from some tiny harmful worms and bugs that might cause irritation and inflammation. And the wooden planter is even better than that.

A site completely dedicated to COMPOST - see how to make new soil in 2 weeks by heatcomposting. Compost is the mother of all recycling ; ) )

Mother Nature's Best Fertilizers and Bug Repellents

Mother Nature's Best Fertilizers and Bug Repellents: Most of us are trying to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle by cutting out most of the chemicals in our lives. But a lot of us don't think about this when we are planning and maintaining our gardens and lawns.