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This is a #StarTrek blog post where I blogged in character as a deep future original character who is a musical prodigy.

The Aftermath of an Interview - Barking up the Muse Tree

Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes Screen Captures

Is he smiling, or is he annoyed? Either way, they're both human emotions!

MU Colonel Phillip Green (canon)

Colonel Phillip Green is a Star Trek canon character, shown in both The Original Series and Enterprise.

Chuck's Stuff has 2 of these Star Trek Deep Space Nine/Next Generation issue 1 of 4 part comic book mini-series for sale at $5 each. Picard & Sisko cover painting. SIGNED by artist Sonia R. Hillios. Signature guaranteed genuine, but no certificate. Near Mint. I have some of her original Star Trek paintings for sale on my Star Trek Paintings board, check it out. #startrek #comicbooks #soniahillios

Star Trek Deep Space Nine/Next Generation (of comic book mini-series

Isn't this a great photomanip of Keanu Reeves? I write him as a colony alien.

Portrait of a Character – Branch Borodin, an original Star Trek fan fiction character created by jespah, a writer.

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