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Steve Paikin: Conclusions on a Stunning Ontario General Election | The Agenda "10. Democracy is still a beautiful thing. As corny as it sounds, we are still blessed to live in a place where we decide these things with ballots, not bullets. " . . . Perhaps our idea of what democracy is differs because my vote has never once counted in more than thirty years of voting in every election. I don't think real democracy can exist under any system where the majority of the votes don't count.

"PR would mean my vote would be counted. This is vital to feminists and democracy." ~ Nancy Ruth, Senator, Conservative Party of Canada

AFTERMATH: The Fair Vote Canada booth was busy yesterday, as many Ontario residents are upset to discover their votes didn’t count in the provincial election. The Liberal Party of Ontario won a crushing provincial majority with the votes of just 19% of eligible voters. Under the Ontario winner-take-all electoral system, the absolute worst possible outcome for voters is a majority, which effectively gifts the governing party with a time limited dictatorship.

"My parents were born and raised in Canada, yet they couldn’t vote till after World War II because they were of Japanese extraction, so I value the right to vote. I have voted in every federal election since I reached adulthood and have never voted for the party that formed government. We desperately need proportional representation so that a diversity of values and perspectives may be elected." ~ David Suzuki

"In a democracy, every vote should count. It’s as simple as that. But sadly, in our outdated, winner-take-all electoral system, that isn’t the case. It’s a system that allows parties to wield majority control with a minority of votes – and as a result, the voices of many Canadians just aren’t heard. It doesn’t have to be this way. " ~ Thomas Mulcair