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Find love with someone that loves your free spirit, someone who has no intention of restricting your wild side, but someone who wants to set it free and run with you.. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™

I'm so tired of always putting myself last. I worry about everyone's feeling's and how I can help them instead of helping myself. The people I worry about most hate me...why would I even do that?

A woman is unabashedly expressive

A woman is unabashedly expressive with a man who creates a safe space to explore the private recesses of her soul. ~ Graham R. White. <3 Please feel free to visit our Facebook page for a TON of fantastic love quotes! <3 ... vulnerable ♥ ~. Completely opened when so in love. ♡

Inspirational Quotes Part 1

Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more that I speak, and notice more than you realize.

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