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"Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose." -Twelfth Doctor, Mummy on the Orient Express

I didn't understand why people were so annoyed by Capaldi. Of course i was sad when Matt left but that time period between season 7 and 8 was full of people saying Capaldi won't be good rnough to be a doctor. All i can say now is excuuuuseee meee. Stahp

''Your chances of survival are one in a thousand. Forget about the thousand. Concentrate on the one.'' - The 12th Doctor to young Davros -- Doctor Who.S09E01E02 - ''The Magician’s Apprentice'' and ''The Witch’s Familiar'' (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source: BBC


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It's one of my favorite moments of Doctor Who and definetely my favorite moment by Peter Capaldi.