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Horse people are born that way .................. I think so! I wanted a horse as long as I remember, finally got one at 16 - am an old lady now, still have horses. Two sisters are back into horses as well as many of my cousins! :-)

from ActiveRain

Horsey Friday Funny - Signs of Spring

  Horsey Friday Funny - Signs of Spring     Those of us that own horses (or any animal with fur) can tell you when spring is here, even though the weath...

Don't sell your saddle! I have heard this quote forever. Don't ever give up on your dreams, just work harder and longer hours. But some times you need a break and that's OK, but get back to your dreams ASAP!

OF COURSE!!! 8) My friend actually brought her horse to school today for a presentation and ride her around the football field and we trained her horse to freak out when he sees me so that it could look like I saved her and masterly jumped aboard her horse!! It was a blast!!