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Lampwork Bead Set Handmade by Mona - Primitive Turquoise - Handmade Lampwork Beads Stone Rock Fossil Aged Unearthed Dig

Ben Strauss on Rising Seas & the Fate of New York on PBS - Ben Strauss, COO of Climate Central and director of our program on sea level rise, appeared on PBS NewsHour to discuss the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, as well as the long-term challenges that sea level rise poses to coastal cities such as New York.

Pending further discoveries, Spinosaurus was the world's largest carnivorous dinosaur. Full-grown adults outweighed Tyrannosaurus Rex by about a ton and Giganotosaurus by about half a ton. Since so few Spinosaurus fossils are extant, it's possible that other individuals were even larger.

Prognathodon Mosasaur Skeleton A medium to large-sized mosasaur, with the skull length reaching 1.5 meters and the total body length up to around 10 meters; the skull was massive and proportionately large.It had protective bony rings surrounding its eye sockets, indicating it lived in deep water. Its teeth are similar to those of some Triassic placodonts, so it may have lived a similar lifestyle, feeding on shellfish, large fish, and sea turtles

The right-wing magazine Charisma has consistently claimed that homosexuals and the gay rights movement are bolstered by demonic influences, and now warns that Satan’s “sexual demons,” or “spiritual rapists,” can make people gay as they work to “lure people into homosexual behavior” or compel them to consider “becoming a lesbian.”

How to Power the World without Fossil Fuels - Scientific American. The planet CAN run solely on wind, water & solar energy. First stop: New York State. 4/15/13

Creation Ministries International -- "The ‘new atheists’ claim that Christianity doesn’t have answers to evolution. This site begs to differ with over 7,000 fully searchable articles—many of them science-based. Keep refuting the skeptics."

Lyuba is a female woolly mammoth calf who died 41,800 years ago at the age of 30 to 35 days. Lyuba is believed to have suffocated by inhaling mud while bogged down in deep mud in the bed of a river her herd was crossing. Lyuba appears to have been healthy at the time of her death. By examining Lyuba's teeth, researchers hope to gain insight into what caused Ice Age mammals, including the mammoths, to become extinct at the end of the Pleistocene era around 10,000 years ago

∆ Sugilite... with Richterite~ Sugilite is "a love stone for this age" and represents the perfection of the spiritual love of "All That Is" and facilitating the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. It can be used to eliminate hostility. It gives one a feeling of being free. Richterite~ This mineral can be used to "take one flying"; it is excellent for astral travel, and especially, in accessing the akashik records. It can be used to reduce the "fight or flight" syndrome. ~Melody