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#integrity #truthbetold I've met a lot of people in my time and one thing is for sure, you either make a promise for the intention of keeping it or the perception of keeping it. By Ernie Kasper

Never let anyone wash away your beautiful mind with hateful words. By Ernie Kasper

~Grace is a virtue~ #quote Anyone can criticize, faults are easy to find, but grace is a virtue worth holding onto, it's a lighthouse in times of trouble. By Ernie Kasper

The road ahead is paved with great opportunities. Enjoy the journey, and seek out those that ignite your passion.

A smile goes a long, long way. It's like coffee to the soul :) By Ernie Kasper #happy #joy #smileitsAWESOME

#quote #exercise ~The more you exercise courage the less value you see in fear. By Ernie Kasper