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Learn why vitamin D is essential for the heart, bones, and nearly everything in between. Here are three studies that show why you need to boost your intake.

Coenzyme Q10 and ubiquinol are two vitally important supplements that help protect against cellular damage from free radicals.

Discover why Dr. Sinatra says that with any CoQ10 supplement you take it's important to to pay attention to how well it raises your blood levels of CoQ10, to ensure that you're getting the full CoQ10 benefits.

The Top 10 Cardiology “Game Changers” That Will Affect Your Heart Health in the Coming Decade | Dr. Stephen Sinatra

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The Impact of Chronic Arthritis on Family

Problem Solving - Declare Your Independence: When living with limitations, adaptation is key. Many daily activities are so simplistic that they are taken for granted until illness and disability make them difficult to accomplish. Inability to perform the most basic everyday tasks greatly affects individual identity, self-esteem, and confidence. This site offers real solutions and support

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Cardiologist & Naturopathic Physician, on dramatic effects of "grounding" or "earthing" for our blood, brain, heart & organ health. It improves inflammation.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains how heart attack symptoms in women are often missed and gives important advice to help you or a loved one get proper heart attack diagnosis and care.