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Milan Fashion Week represents not only the best fashions seen on the runways but also some of the most inspiring street style looks one will ever see.

Here follows the scrapbook of a 36 year old Paris born Irishman living in Amsterdam. Cycling, photography, architecture, design, and style.(Most of these images are NOT mine, but reblogged from tumblr. Some images are NSFW or of an adult nature. All...


Wait! Before you pull your ponytail all the way through that elastic, leave it alone and allow it to be undone. Effortless and a tad messy . . . that's the way we like it.


Girls with sense of style will adopt the ultimate all day styling. A pair of cropped boyfriend jeans, a long white shirt, an elegant black blazer and brown oxfords. Golden jewelry and a black leather bag are the right accessories… Continue Reading →


Dress yes, birks no. ps. I will never understand the birkenstock sandal trend. They make your feet look suuuuper wide and flat. They make human feet look like webbed duck feet. /rant