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from Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator

Test Your Colour Confidence: 25 Days of Whites & Undertones

Masonry heaters store heat. Energy from a short hot fire is stored in the thermal mass and can provide heat all day long. It is by far the cleanest way to burn cordwood.

Masonry heaters are built of fire brick and utilize their high mass to radiate heat for the next 12-24 hours, a feature which means they only need to be fired once or twice per day. | North House Folk School

~*~VERY NICE~*~ COB ROCKET STOVES TO COOK AND HEAT WITH | Thanks For Nothing Month, Day 5: Natural Home Heating - Homesteading ...

Cabins built of stone, brick or other masonry materials have a strong sense of heft and timelessness. Almost nothing is prettier than a small stone cabin built of the same rock that surrounds it.