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People with hooded eyes (low eyebrows/deepset eyes) need to work out and not up with their eye makeup, working up makes hooded eyes look small

Need extra no-make-up make-up ideas? Right here's what our editor discovered throughout Seph.... *** Learn even more at the photo

black | Up make | Up artist brand Founded in 1999 black|Up Cosmetics is both the first makeup artist brand created and specialized for women of color, yet suitable for all women, as well as an upscale cosmetics line of unprecedented elegance and luxury, respecting the unique nature of ethnic skins and celebrating their intrinsic beauty. I want ALL THE LIPSTICKS

• The cutest DIY make-up brush bag we've ever seen! Like the crochet hook bag you made me. Could make for Barbies, Evie's Toy Story figures, Claire's fingernail polish, etc...

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