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DIY vintage trunk to rolling bar project. The idea of cutting up vintage luggage for crafts irks me almost as much as the idea of cutting up vintage books for crafts. However, this is amazing and I'm not doing anything with those trunks anyway.

Vanity cabinet style bar

8 Pieces to Use As a Home Bar

Yet another repurposed suitcase! Check out page 17 of the All'asta catalog and then contact me to purchase a vintage suitcase to make your own suitcase bar

Vintage Suitcases Pack Lots of Style

Vintage Suitcases Pack Lots of Style

Bar made with a vintage suitcase. Love this idea because it would cost a lot less to fill up a suitcase than an entire bar cart


19 Creative home decor ideas with old suitcases and trunks. Usually we use suitcases few times a year and rest of the time they are left in some corner. There is no need to hide them away.

Strandhule på 42 kvadratmeter - Bolig Magasinet

Strandhule på 42 kvadratmeter - Bolig Magasinet a bit busy but concept is great

Vintage Suitcase Side Table. Love this idea! It works as extra storage space too!

Lets Upcycle! Awesome DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas Suitcase Table DIY-- DI has a lot of old suitcases like this.

DIY a suitcase table in 3 easy steps. Great prop for displaying products at a craft fair and for transporting goods

DIY a Suitcase Table in 3 Easy Steps

I want to do something with my mother's white suitcases as a way to remember traveling with her as a child.

for my porch?

Transform an old truck tailgate, a few old license plates and some wood into a gorgeous outdoor bench. And its Chevy!