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The lost world of Fossil Lake

An arboreal mammal, Apatemys chardini. The fish is Knightia eocaena. Green River Formation.

Fossil herrings from the Eocene Green River Formation of the western United States where Colorado, Utah and Nevada meet. Photo by Matt Friedman.

FOSSIL SOFT-SHELL TURTLE Trionyx sp. Eocene, Green River Formation Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA In this case, the top shell - known as the carapace - has been fossilized, along with a complete set of impressive ribs that seem to come right out of the shell

Rock containing Scyphocrinus elegans crinoids (or sea lily), from the Silurian/Devonian period (about 440-360 million years ago). Crinoids are marine echinoderms that appear as early as the Ordovician period (500 million years ago). These have stalks by which they would attach themselves to the seabed, capturing food with feathery arms that formed a cup. Thousands of extinct crinoid species have been found as fossils, but only a few hundred sea lily species still exist today.

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