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RARE FOSSIL FEATHER Unknown species Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming

Rare Fossilized Turtle. This and more rare fossils for sale on

Fossil fish, Green River formation, Wyoming

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FOSSIL STINGRAY AND HERRING PLATE Heliobatus radians, Knightia eocaena Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA

FOSSIL SOFT-SHELL TURTLE Trionyx sp. Eocene, Green River Formation Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA In this case, the top shell - known as the carapace - has been fossilized, along with a complete set of impressive ribs that seem to come right out of the shell

Priscacara serrata, Eocene, Lenght: 195 mm, Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA

Fossil Bee. Colorado Florissant Fossil Beds. Lived in Oligocere, about 35 million years ago.

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The lost world of Fossil Lake

An arboreal mammal, Apatemys chardini. The fish is Knightia eocaena. Fossil Butte, which is part of the famous Green River formation.