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Has his relatives convinced he's leaving me because he's just unhappy. Pig/snake

from Bloglovin’

blessedsavior: i met God. Who Slowly , Painfully , and Divinely... (generation 116)

Amen. I love this. By the Grace of God, my life is being pieced back together and I'm trying to follow Gods will. It's a wonderful feeling.

from Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Best feeling

Narcissists Love Psychological Warfare... Working in my town now and living 2 hours away...psychological warfare indeed.

narcissists always turn truths upside-down, to continue their delusions. Boy if its not the pot calling the kettle black.....lmao

Because that's what narcissistic douchebags do.

Inconsiderate people. My EXACT feelings at this moment in time.