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The MOST organic bug/worm control we have ever seen for apples or any fruit. Little footie stockings places around the apple.

How to Grow an Apple Tree From a Cutting

The apple tree (malus domesticus) has been developed into hundreds of varieties in many shapes, fruit colors and sizes to suit growing climates and consumer tastes. Apple trees produce plentiful ...

Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Vegetable Garden

This tomato-staking method consists of white nylon twine supported by bamboo tripods. The vines are attached to the twine with trellis clips. Staking tomatoes allows for a clean, disease- and pest-free crop and even ripening of the fruit, and the clips can be reused each year.

A Guide to Animal Crop Pest Control ... A guide to animal crop pest control, including coping with the crop culprits gophers and moles, deer, raccoons and skunks, rabbits and dogs and cats.

Vertical Garden House for Cucumbers Peas and Beans | Happy House and Garden Social Site

The Green Onion That Keeps On Giving

grow your own onions from leftover roots 2012-08-22-GrowingGreenOnionsBeforeandAfter.jpeg