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The MOST organic bug/worm control we have ever seen for apples or any fruit. Little footie stockings places around the apple.

Bring an apple orchard into your backyard without losing your entire yard by planting a columnar apple tree. Varieties in the Urban Columnar Apple series grow only 8-10 feet tall and less than 2 feet wide, making it easy to grow and harvest the same as if you had an acreage of apples.

from SF Gate

How to Grow an Apple Tree From a Cutting

The apple tree (malus domesticus) has been developed into hundreds of varieties in many shapes, fruit colors and sizes to suit growing climates and consumer tastes. Apple trees produce plentiful ...

Pinner Wrote: Put a sticker on your apples while they are still green on the tree. As they ripen, the part under the sticker stays green and you have a custom stenciled apple. I'm guessing this would work with veggies from the garden too.