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Social Business Tip: Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

AirPi: London school kids build Raspberry Pi-powered pollution monitor

"Is it clear? Although ambiguity and mystery provide some of our most profound pleasures in literature, beginning writers are often unable to distinguish between mystery and muddle, ambiguity and sloppiness. ...We need to be oriented on the simplest level of reality.... Where are we? When are we? Who are they? How do things look? What time of day or night is it? What's the weather? What's happening? “Revision Questions,” in Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft by Janet Burroway

Pour a scotch and settle in. Our design consultants can help create a chair, a room or an entire home that fits your lifestyle!

We are a global pharmaceutical leader that has developed some of the world’s most recognized – and influential – pharma brands. This page is dedicated to tweets offering AstraZeneca Recruitment Information helpful to candidates and those interested in following.

What do you think are the top current trends to watch in GIS Development? Which capabilities/tools do you think will be most in demand to both developers and end users in the future?

How To Develop Your Speaking Voice: Exercises to Help Your Enunciation

Some people are born naturals when it comes to speaking in public. However, for the majority of people, speaking in public is something that has to be learned. It is a skilled that is acquired with extensive practice.

the BIG secret hiring managers don't want you to know (hint: they care about MORE than your skill set) #image #business #employment