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A Korean Space Launch Vehicle 1 rocket, also called Naro, launches into orbit from South Korea's Naro Space Center on Jan. 30, 2013, successfully carrying a science satellite into orbit. It marked South Korea's third KSLV-1 rocket launch, and the booster's first successful flight.

High Schoolers Build Satellite and NASA Launches It to Space

A set of five tiny satellites launched from the International Space Station this month to test a new way of flying student experiments and more in space. The tiny cubesats were launched from the station's Kibo laboratory on Oct.

Update 1: 10:35 a.m. on November 12 Philae has probably landed already, but we won't know for sure for another half-an-hour or so -- because that's how long it takes for feedback from Philae, which is 31 million miles away, to reach ESA headquarters.

Brand New Look at the Face of Mars

Our Favorite Maps of the Year Cover Everything From Bayous to Bullet Trains | The US Geological Survey used 16 years of data from four orbiting spacecraft to make this beautiful new geologic map of Mars. USGS |

The Star Wars toys awaken, a looming 'supermoon' eclipse overshadows a solar eclipse, and hoverboard technology aims for the stars in's best stories for this week.

Sea Serpent Eats Cosmic Diamond Ring

Lucy in the Sky With Diamond . . . . RING??? Planetary nebula in alignment with random star - what a great image! Thanks to European Southern Observatory in Chile and its Very Large Telescope (planetary nebula Abell 33 and star HD to serious astronomers).