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Start a Robotics Education Team and Teach the Value of Competition

Robotics education is an excellent way to teach things that are often difficult to teach. This is especially true when trying to teach leadership, teamwork, creativity

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is dedicated to educating the public, and especially youth about the power of architecture and design. Check out our latest educational initiative: DiscoverDesign.org.

Tours, exhibitions and events for all ages. Visit today to discover the stories behind famous Chicago buildings.

Re-Thinking Education and Learning with Christopher Alexander’s Latest Theory

Re-Thinking Education and Learning with Christopher Alexander’s Latest Theory

Producer, Director, Editor (2012)    Changing the Classroom with Robotics Education and Science. :D

Producer, Director, Editor (Original 2012 - Updated www.edu The Robotics Academy is committed to using the motivational effects…

Education Mateiral

Education Mateiral

Coding at any level can be taught, here's 15+ ways to teach, even if your class doesn't  have computers!

15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer)

Vicki Davis, a computer science teacher and IT integrator, shares this extensive list of year-round resources for teaching students how to code.

Vanden Heuvel's video series called STEMbite are “bite-size lessons in #science and #math from everyday life—all captured from a unique first-person point of view through Google Glass.” The STEMbite lessons, which are posted on YouTube, includes some 60 videos so far, including lessons on the physics of children’s toys, the chemistry found in kitchens and the biology people can find in their own backyards.

Your home for bite-size math and science lessons from everyday life. These engaging educational videos are filmed from a first-person perspective through Goo.

2nd grade reading comprehension

Key Strategies You Need to Be an Asset in Your Child’s Education" This is NOT about monitoring their homework, being involved in their classroom or providing a proper study environment at home!