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For some reason I’m reminded of this Gilbert and Sullivan musical, The Mikado when I look at these chicks. Three little maids from school are we Pert as a school girl well can be Filled to the brim with girlish glee Three little maids from school..

All Things Wood.  The woods, mountains, woodworking and nature with a focus on the beauty of wood in design and architecture. We hope you enjoy our love for wood reflected here on this blog. Brought to you by the wood aficionados at Appalachian Woods!

"These baby turtles will return in 35 years to lay their eggs on this same beach. That sounds like an Intelligent Design to me." Of course the vast majority will also die from predation with their soft shells and small bodies. Not so intelligent a design.

"I love you." "How much?" "As much as you like gnawing on deer legs." "That's not enough." "I love you as much as Kanye West loves laughing at his own punchlines in his songs." "Now you're just lying. Nobody loves anything that much." (stolen)